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Timeless Treasures

Keep happy memories of Silver Beach from fading.

Once in a great while, amazing opportunities present themselves. This is one of those times. A local collector, Al Schoenbach, owner of two of the original Silver Beach Carousel horse figures, has recently offered them to the Silver Beach Carousel Society for purchase. This is a dream come true! At last, we can bring two of the original horses home to Silver Beach.

These antique horses are exquisite! In fact, the stargazer figure is extremely rare as carousel collectibles go. It is in its original 1910 wood form and stripped of all paint, allowing you to see the actual knife marks of world-renowned Master Carver Charles Carmel. The other horse, a beautiful, bejeweled Arabian steed, is painted the signature Silver Beach Carousel white. Both would be priceless additions to the Silver Beach Amusement Park Museum and Carousel House.

But we cannot purchase them without your help. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have limited resources and rely on the generosity of individuals and corporations to provide the donations we need to acquire, restore and maintain these icons of fun from our community's past.

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sponsorship stargazer


Rare, unpainted Carmel from the original Silver Beach Carousel

Sponsorship: $35,000

An incredible find! This antique horse, which stands in the classic stargazer pose, was part of the original Silver Beach Carousel and was lovingly watched over in a private setting. A rare collector's treasure, this figure has been stripped of its paint so you can see the details of Charles Carmel's masterful carving of the basswood. The carousel jewels and natural horsehair tail add to this steed's heirloom beauty. Your sponsorship will help us inspire all of our visitors to look to the stars and fulfill their dreams.

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sponsorship arabian


Mysterious steed of the sands ... Carmel from the original Silver Beach Carousel

Sponsorship: $30,000

Many golden days ago, this intricately carved Arabian steed spun for hours over the sands of Silver Beach. Master carver Charles Carmel captured the refined, high-spirited strength and beauty of this magnificent, ancient breed. This horse from the original Silver Beach Carousel holds thousands of nights of happy stories from riders who mounted its back and rode into a mysterious land of flying carpets and wishgranting genies. Acquired and fully restored by a collector, we now have the exciting opportunity to return it to its home along Lake Michigan. But we need you to make our wish for a sponsor come true.

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sponsorship unicorn

Enchanting Unicorn

Sponsorship: $10,000

Riding this dainty, mythical steed from medieval forests transforms its riders into princesses and princes. It was exquisitely hand-carved and painted by the masters at The Carousel Works, Mansfield, Ohio, and is on the Carousel at least six months per year.

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In appreciation for sponsoring either horse or unicorn, you will receive:

  • Exclusive naming rights of this magnificent steed
  • Invitation to a naming ceremony, a special event for you and your guests
  • Lifetime Riding Pass on the Silver Beach Carousel
  • Your name, or the name(s) of the persons you wish to honor, on a permanent donor plaque



Please consider sponsoring one of these treasures. We will remember you by placing your name on a permanent plaque in the Carousel house. Legacy gift information is on the back of this brochure.


sponsorship rocket

Allan Herschell Rocket Ship

Iconic of our quest to explore our universe and traverse new galaxies in the late 1950s and early 1960s. On this ride, no new frontier was unreachable.

Sponsorship: $3,000 Click here to sponsor.



sponsorship ponycart

King Amusement Park Pony Cart

This vintage, carefully restored cart is filled with memories of riding side-by-side, snapping the reins and imagining trotting along the beach.

Sponsorship: $2,000 Click here to sponsor.





sponsorship bumpercar

Early 1950s Bumper Car

Chasing each other around the track, bumping, spinning and backing out of the frequent pileups. Coming of age was being tall enough to drive on your own.

Sponsorship: $2,000 Click here to sponsor.





sponsorship mirror

Ornate Mirrored Shields

Three of the 17 beautiful, lighted shields that decorate the Silver Beach Carousel (circa 2010) still need sponsors.

Sponsorship: $2,500 each Click here to sponsor.

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